Yet Another Cocktail Blog

Welcome to “Manning the Bar,” the cunningly titled blog from me, Adam G. Manning.

I’ll spare you the bio in this post as I’ve written a poncy third person About Page,¬†here.

The idea for “Manning the Bar” started as a joke name for a series of videos that never got made. ¬†Determined to get this pun into the public domain and in need of a hobby that stretches a little beyond simply drinking cocktails, I finally decided to launch a blog. ¬†Given that serving the thirsty London public is my job, “MtB” will certainly focus on London bar life and cocktails, but play host to any other musings I have and exhibit examples of my latest interest, photography.

I don’t have any set style in mind, or niche I’d like to fit into but you can be assured that given I work full time behind the stick, my posts will be irregular yet insightful.

Please stick around, check back every now and again (there are a whole host of Follow and Share features I’m still getting used to on WordPress) as my first proper post is coming soon.